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April and May 2024 Studio News

Updated: 4 days ago

Welcome to The Underground - Recording Studio Newsletter, April and May 2024 edition.  April and May have been great months for new music in 2024 and there have definitely been some notable releases these past 2 months!

First off, check out the new song, Intercom, by The Sleepy Weasels, a band formed by David Cron and Beth Svahn-Monroe. You might recognize Beth’s name as one of the members of the band, Of Conscious Mind.  This song was written by Matt Sauers, former bandmate of Cron (The Schroders).  It was being recorded as a single by Cron at The Underground Studio when, Svahn-Monroe, who happened to be at the studio, was recruited at the last minute to sing the lead vocal.  The result is a very catchy tune that features sweet, interweaving and bright melodies, Cron’s acoustic guitar and harmonica and Vincent Freeman’s percussive skills. The lovely interplay of Beth and David’s vocals soar in a feel-good song that peaks in an ecstatic chorus.  You can hear the single by clicking here

Intercom by The Sleepy Weasels


Cron also released a solo tune during the last 2 months.  In the style of John Prine, Cron’s new song, So Many People, tickles your funny bone, while engaging in silly social commentary.  This stripped-down acoustic finger picking song highlights Cron’s harmonica playing skills and his penchant for clever, humor-infused lyrics. Check out the song on YouTube.

In sharp contrast to the styles of the above-mentioned releases, Burlington based band Miles of Fire have issued an incendiary and menacing new EP.  Miles of Fire is a brand new metal band comprised of former members of Drowningman, Matt Roy, Javin Leonard, TJ Maynard, and William Molleur.  With the addition of singer Ty Gurwicz, who wrote and sang the lyrics to this new release, Miles of Fire are promoting this new EP, which was mixed at The Underground - Recording Studio by Vincent Freeman.  You can check out the lyric video for the song, Conditional at the link below.

Also, Licorice Finn, who released their album, Uncomfortably Gray, in February of this year have just released the lyric video to the title track. You can check out that video here.

And don't forget! Coming up on Friday, June 21st is Make Music Day 2024 Vermont.  During this event local businesses will host live performances at various locations around the town of Randolph, Vermont.  This event is organized by Chandler Center for the Arts, The Underground and the White River Craft Center. The event lasts from 10am - 10pm. It should be a great day of music with an assortment of artists and musical styles, so don't miss it! For more information on Make Music VT visit the Facebook Event Page.


Thanks for stopping by our blog to check out recent happenings at The Underground - Recording Studio! Be sure to watch out for future blog posts to keep updated on upcoming studio projects and releases!

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