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Trevor Robinson - LFTU and Krishna Guthrie Band w/ Mountain Dog

The Live from the Underground (LFTU) performance series continues this Thursday, October 20th at 7pm with Trevor Robinson, at The Underground - Listening Room located at 24 Pleasant St. in downtown Randolph.

“Folk Music. Folk Not Music. Ancient Sanskrit Instruction Manuals Translated in Sign Language. Transcriptions of Songs of Trees. Radio Static. Wool Sock Static. Matter. Anti-Matter. Does it Matter? The Mating Calls of Extinct Insect Species. Whispered Recitations of Unrecorded Holland-Dozier-Holland Compositions. The Last Will And Testament Of The Last Android Pressed to Acetate Played Backwards.”

Thursday night’s show will be for our in-house audience and live-stream patrons via The Underground’s Bandcamp page. The first hour of Thursday’s ticketed show will also be broadcast on local radio station WCVR (Central Vermont radio) from 7-8pm and streamed on The Underground - Listening Room Facebook page.

Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:00pm


Friday night, October 21st, Krishna Guthrie Band will rock the house with high energy folk-rock and blues, with traditional folk group Mountain Dog kicking off the show at 8pm, doors at 7:30pm.

Krishna Guthrie Band:

Krishna Guthrie and his band are a hard rockin', folkin', blues outfit based in the Green mountains of Vermont. Krishna's family history is woven into the fabric of American music. From the folk roots of Woody to the masterful storytelling of Arlo, Krishna has combined the elements of his lineage with his modern and eclectic tastes to create a sound all his own. The band is a collection of like minded individuals who value what it is music offers to the world and won't settle for anything less than their very best. Bobby Maguire (fiddle), Nicky Fitz (drums), Josh LaFave (bass, vocals) and Josh Cote (guitar, vocals) blend their unique musical backgrounds together to create a musical tapestry on which Krishna weaves his stories.

Mountain Dog:

Each member of Mountain Dog came to old- time and traditional music on a different path, but the important thing is that they found each other. Their love of music and knack for experimentation within the genre brought them together, and something magical happens when they play.

Justin Park, a native of California grew up on Neil Young, and 90's rock, and learned to strum from his father. After moving to Vermont to farm, he got himself a mandolin and developed a great love for traditional music, and fusing it with the music of his upbringing.

When he was a teenager, Mark Burds left suburban life in Massachusetts to move to a cabin with his parents in Chelsea, Vermont. Soon after he fell in love with the guitar playing of Tony Rice and Norman Blake, and began mixing those traditional bluegrass influences with more experimental acoustic music.

Mountain Dog repertoire includes a mix of traditional and original fiddle tunes, and classic bluegrass and old time standards, all highlighting impressive pickin’, lickin’ and sweet sweet harmonies.

Get tickets for this show in advance at:

Doors 7:30pm / Show 8:00pm

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