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Jaded Ravins - LFTU & Los Lorcas w/ Marjorie Ryerson

The Live from the Underground (LFTU) performance series continues this Thursday, December 1st at 7pm with Folk Duo Jaded Ravins, at The Underground - Listening Room located at 24 Pleasant St. in downtown Randolph.

“Halle Jade and Kelly Ravin compose the duo “Jaded Ravins”. A husband and wife duo based out of Nashville, TN. Songs and harmonies and straight to the point. Thoughtful stories and songs stripped of everything unnecessary.”

Thursday night’s show will be for our in-house audience and live-stream patrons via The Underground’s Bandcamp page. The first hour of Thursday’s ticketed show will also be broadcast on local radio station WCVR (Central Vermont radio) from 7-8pm and streamed on The Underground - Listening Room Facebook page.

Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:00pm


Friday night, December 2nd, Los Lorcas will return to The Underground, for the first time on the Listening Room stage, with opening poems read by Marjorie Ryerson. "In the spirit of Federico Garcia Lorca—gifted musician, legendary poet/playwright and ebullient performer—poets Partridge Boswell and Peter Money, along with guitarist Nat Williams, fuse poetry and music in a passionate and surprising mash-up. Los Lorcas blur boundaries between spoken word and song, weaving poetry with Andalusian ballads, blues, rock, folk, reggae, hip hop, Americana and jazz in pursuit of the cante jondo (deep song) Lorca so ardently championed.

Exploring common roots and synergies of poetry and music, Los Lorcas celebrate the poetry of song lyrics and music of lyrical poetry. Inspired by artists diverse as Lorca, Yeats, Marley, Dylan, Dickinson, Matisyahu, Morrison, Cohen, Bowie, REM, Merwin, Millay and others, the group’s timely and soulful compositions weave themes of love, loss, homelessness, empathy, activism and gratitude—all through a filter of the American dream. Veteran Vermont musician and producer Kristina Stykos of Pepperbox Studio and Thunder Ridge Records has taken a shine to the new trio: “A lot of great musicians have come around here, but not with the poetry chops that this group has—in spades. A project sprouted from the literary side, Los Lorcas are making ground-breaking inroads where musicians usually fear to tread: sometimes speaking, sometimes singing, but always putting focus on the intelligent delivery of words. Their cross pollination blending poetry, personality, musicality, vitality of many colors and creative intensity is so satisfying!”

After years of honing their distinctive genre-bending blend of music and poetry on stages across the state, country and internationally, Los Lorcas are currently releasing their debut album LAST NIGHT IN AMERICA on Vermont’s Thunder Ridge Records label."

Get tickets for this show in advance at: Doors 6:30pm / Show 7:00pm

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