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The Party Crashers - Live from The Underground

The Live from the Underground (LFTU) performance series continues on Thursday, December 16th with the infectious and high energy dance grooves of the Party Crashers. Touted as one of the area’s hottest live dance bands, the Party Crashers will perform at 6pm on Thursday and be live-streamed digitally on Bandcamp, to be followed by an interview with LFTU co-host Jamie Gage.

Veterans of the central Vermont music scene for the last 15 years and spanning the generations of some of the best American dance tracks you know and love, the Party Crashers have a vast repertoire and strong musical chemistry. Fronted by soulful lead singer Hillary Leicher, the band’s talented musical crew also includes Jacob Kaplan on Alto Sax and keys, Kristin Partch on bass, Ed McGee on guitar and vocals, Tom Jellison on drums and vocals and Bob Sparadeo on percussion.

Hailing mostly from the Randolph area, the Party Crashers have a strong affiliation with The Underground and owner Vincent Freeman, who is also their live sound engineer extraordinaire, helping them host spectacular parties and events throughout Vermont and the Northeast. Additionally, guitarist Ed McGee, who is a strong singer-songwriter in his own right, has hosted dozens of live-stream broadcasts at The Underground for his many fans across the country from his home state of Ohio to his newly adopted home in Sharon, Vermont.

On Thursday night they will offer a sampling of new and old tracks that will have audiences moving and shaking from Vermont to Ohio and the Internet beyond.

To learn more about the Party Crashers and listen to their music in advance of Thursday night’s show, find them on the web at

Thursday's performance will be a ticketed event with 50% of the proceeds going to the artist and 10% to Chandler Center for the Arts.

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