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Strangled Darlings - Live from The Underground

Join us this week on Tuesday, September 7th at 6pm, for a live-stream performance featuring Strangled Darlings. The performance will be followed by an interview with LFTU co-host Jamie Gage.

“Strangled Darlings is mostly George Veech & Jess Anderly who toured America for five years. Then America got the covid and they got a baby. They still managed to put out their fifth album called Twenty Twenty with all it's double entendres, blind alleys & political microaggressions. Jess switched from bass to violin & George switched from mando to keyboard in an attempt to help America get along with herself. They live somewhere between Portland, OR & Vermont. They're available for birthday parties, funerals and hidebound revelry. (Genre not included but if you must: folky hip-hop)”

Visit their website:

As always, 10% of the proceeds go to Chandler Center for the Arts and 50% to the artist.

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