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March 2024 Studio News


Hello!  Welcome to the March edition of The Underground - Recording Studio Newsletter! And welcome back if you were able to check out the previous edition which featured studio releases from January AND February 2024, such as music from Sammy Blanchette, Lance Mills and Licorice Finn.

Chris Powers - Try So Hard (feat. Matt Deigaard) - Single Artwork

March has been an exciting month at The Underground.  One example was the release of Chris Powers’ single “Try So Hard”.   It’s an anthemic powerhouse of a song, bolstered by a wall of melodic distorted guitar crunch, wailing and crying out as the protagonist of the song faces seemingly insurmountable odds.  The listener is drawn into the melancholic maelstrom of the song as it culminates in a wawa pedal infused climax.  You can check out this awesome track on Bandcamp.

Also released this month was the last EP from local artists, Wool, entitled “Let There Bee Love”. 

Wool is comprised of members Cat Duffy Buxton (vocals, mandolin), Jean Palthey (vocals, electric guitar), Scott McDermott (saxophone, harmonica), Sean Dollar (bass) and Kenny Bailey (drums). 

Wool’s music is an infectious blend of jam music and straight ahead rock and roll.  Cat Duffy Buxton and Jean Palthey trade off on vocals, with Cat inserting jangly mandolin riffs and Jean providing tasteful electric guitar rhythm and lead.  Scott McDermott injects soul into the mix with his saxophone and harmonica fills.  Sean Dollar and Kenny Bailey lock down the rhythm section with a tight groove. “Let There Bee Love” is a strong swan song for Wool, with such memorable tracks as “Bitterness”, on which Cat sings of her “reverence” for the Earth and her bitterness for those who defile it’s beauty, repeating “may the rain wash my bitterness away.”  Jean rocks out with “Roll it”, a song that that evokes a kind of Velvet Underground jam.  You can hear “Let There Bee Love” on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Last on our list of releases is a vinyl compilation from the Brooklyn, NY based post-punk band, Cancel Vulture.  This assortment of adrenalized and raucous tunes leans more towards the punk side of the genre and includes 2 separate previous releases, “My once proud arsenal of understanding” (2021) and “Sharp” (2022) with each release taking up a side on the LP. You can check out their music on Bandcamp and message them on Instagram @cancelvulture_nyc to get your own vinyl.

Well, that concludes this month's newsletter. Thanks so much for stopping by The Underground page! Stay tuned next month for April 2024 news from the studio.

P.S.: For our LIVE music lovers, The Underground is putting on an all day punk-rock fest, celebrating Vincent's 30th Birthday, at the Braintree Town Hall on April 13th. Get your tickets for that event here:

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