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January and February Studio News

Greetings, music fans!  In this first issue of The Underground - Recording Studio Blog, we will be playing catch up! We will cover the first 2 months of 2024 and the projects that were released during those months. There is so much wonderful music that is being recorded here at our studio. Check out the artists that have released music this month that was recorded at The Underground:

Lance Mills

Green Mountain Saturday Night is the first solo effort from Lance Mills, who formerly fronted The Screwtops.  It’s a lively retro joyride through a variety of genres including rockabilly, blues, rock country, folk, and Americana.  Lance has assembled quite the crew of musicians to record this album, including Ted Mortimer on guitar and the Underground’s own Vincent Freeman on backing vocals and percussion. Click here for a review of Green Mountain Saturday Night in Seven Days!

"Green Mountain Saturday Night is a charming, rocking and skillfully created time machine." - Chris Farnsworth/Seven Days

Sammy Blanchette

Sammy’s new release, “Eventually”, like his previous 2 releases, “Family Ties” and “On Your Own”, featured material written during the pandemic.  All 3 releases were recorded at The Underground - Recording Studio.  Sammy, who has a degree in music, is a formidable guitarist and his boundless creative energy can be especially felt on this new full-length album.  For more background stories read this interview with Beth Svahn-Monroe from Grow Local Music.

"One of the most impressive attributes of Blanchette's music are his complex, yet playful guitar licks that showcase both his skill and extensive musical knowledge" - Beth Svahn-Monroe

Licorice Finn

Uncomfortable Gray is the first release from Licorice Finn, aka Glenn Evans.  Evans enlisted the help of local legend, Bow Thayer, who contributed guitar, bass, banjo, resonator guitar, baritone guitar and backing vocals.  Uncomfortable Gray has deep penetrating lyrics and melodies that trigger the imagination, leaving one in a state of existential pondering, reveling in blissful melodic textures.  Click here to find this release on Bandcamp.

Thanks for checking out our new blog! This year at The Underground has gotten off to an impressive start! Stay tuned to keep updated on upcoming releases from The Underground!

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