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Luminous Crush - Live from The Underground

The Underground - Recording Studio in downtown Randolph, Vermont this week continues its Live from the Underground (LFTU) series by welcoming southern Vermont’s award-winning purveyors of dream pop, Luminous Crush. The 6pm live performance on Thursday March 25th will be livestreamed digitally on Facebook and followed by an interview with The Underground’s livestream co-host Jamie Gage.

A quartet from Jamaica, Vermont, Luminous Crush will be featuring new music from their recently released CD, Luminous, Inc., a collection of songs that Jordan Adams from Seven Days calls “bold, inventive and engaging”, and also “about the hottest s**t” around (2/17/21).

Fronted by Vermont music veterans Ben Campbell and Laura Molinelli, the sound of Luminous, Inc. is a bit of a departure from their previous albums, and is the perfect amalgam celebrating the breadth and expanse of their musical talent, swinging from alt-country sweetness to electronica and dance, always infused with the duo’s thoughtful songwriting.

Indeed, the album and the band showcase a transcendence - and embrace - of all genres, which is a reflection of their deep musical roots. On his own, Campbell produced literally dozens of acclaimed records as “Saint Albums” before joining Molinelli as a member of the Bondville Boys in southern Vermont. He was also a key writer and performer on Hadestown, the now-famous rock opera by Anais Mitchell which won 8 Tony awards in 2019.

For her part, Laura Molinelli has been quietly producing strong Americana and folk albums since coming up in the NYC folk scene of the ‘90s along with artists such as Dar Williams and Lucy Kaplansky. After meeting Campbell in 2012, she jumped at the chance to rekindle her passion for electronic and new wave music with him, forming Luminous Crush in 2015.

To listen to the dynamic sounds of Luminous Crush in advance of Thursday’s show, go to:

Thursday's performance will be a ticketed event with 50% of the proceeds going to the artist and 10% to Chandler Center for the Arts.

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