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Hip-Hop Showcase - Live from The Underground

The Live from the Underground (LFTU) performance series diverts this week with a Hip-Hop Showcase on Saturday, May 15th at 7pm in partnership with Hustle & Loyalty Records out of Bethel, VT, with performances by Modest, DarealaFlex45, REAL young JUICE and Slade (Slade & Ease). The show will be live streamed on Facebook and followed by an interview with LFTU co-host Jim Yeager.

Hustle & Loyalty Records:

"Recently rebranded, Hustle & Loyalty Records is a Vermont based collective of emcees looking to spread knowledge and love. 'Making the world a better place, one set at a time.'"

Modest: "What's up every one? I am, Modest. A hip hop artist from the 802. I take my music very seriously and try to make a little something for everyone. Peace!"

DarealaFlex45: "Flex 45 is an American Hip Hop artist from Asheville, NC. His "Campaign for the rap game" is to inject some realness back into the hip hop scene."

REAL young JUICE: "Born Michael Aldio on June 22, 1989. REAL young JUICE comes from a rough upbringing and a troubled home in Hollywood Florida and the pain definitely shows in his lyrics and music. This MC has a range of styles and flows. JUICE started to develop his craft at age 13 after being inspired by Tupac, Kurt Cobain, and Eminem. He has several mixtapes on available on and has his first album in the works. The leader of the "Flannel Gang Plaid Click Movement" wants to use his music to bring all different types of people together. The new age sound he provides may be enough to change not just hip hop but music for the better."

Slade: "Slade of Slade and Ease, a rap duo out of Vermont who just can't help themselves, despite the well-intentioned advice of friends."

This show is free, but we are accepting donations to the Bethel Recreation Committee in support of their new skate park.

(We will collect donations and pass them on to the Bethel Recreation Committee)

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