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Grand Opening! Drama Dolls w/ Cancel Vulture

Head down to The Underground on July 22nd for one of our first shows, feat. Drama Dolls from Los Angeles, CA. and Cancel Vulture from Brooklyn, NY!

Drama Dolls: On a rare wintery night one January in Los Angeles, California, Scrambles called Doc Egg and TKat to get together and let off a little punk rock steam. On that day, Drama Dolls were born. The Drama Dolls live show is a party of high energy songs that bring danceable joy to anyone in need, with a fun blend of punk rock and solid harmonies. Some may describe them as the Misfits meet the Bangles, others say they are like if the Ramones married the Go-Gos, or even if Metallica had a crazy weekend with Hole.

Cancel Vulture: Cancel Vulture is a 4 piece, post-punk band out of Brooklyn, NY with influences too vast to reference...

former members of: Fake Hooker/ Howardian/ Recreational Outrage/ Like Dogs...

Doors are at 7:30PM. Show starts at 8:00PM.

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