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Bow Thayer - Album Release Live-stream Tour

The Underground - Recording Studio continues its Live from the Underground (LFTU) series by welcoming the great Americana songwriter and performer, inventor of the Bojotar, and resident of Gaysville, Vermont, Bow Thayer. The 6pm live performance on Thursday April 1st will be livestreamed digitally on Facebook and followed by an interview with The Underground’s livestream co-host Jamie Gage.

Part of a three-studio tour in Vermont capping off a year of prolific musical output from Mr. Thayer that also has stopovers at Robot Dog Studio in Williston on Tuesday March 30th and at A Sound Space in Rutland on Saturday April 3rd, the performance at The Underground on Thursday will showcase Bow’s Sun Ra-inspired project Choirs of Aether.

Sponsored by the Chandler Center for the Arts, the Paramount Theatre, Be Music, Mountain Music, Phototec, and WEXP, the three-studio tour is the perfect tour de force for Bow, whose embrace of music in multiple genres allows him to feature different facets of his musical persona. Each of the three shows will be aired on the Facebook pages of the respective studios.

"Bow is the perfect artist for something like this," says The Underground’s owner and sound engineer Vincent Freeman. "His diversity is legendary, his shows are always different, and we all enjoy working with him."

The Choirs of Aether project will feature parts of Thayer's improvisational “Soundpaintings” series which he composed over the course of the pandemic, along with a huge volume of other new music, including a double album with his former band The Benders, a new album co-written with guitarist Val McCallum (Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams) and a solo album full of pandemic-influenced singles called The Zen of Snug. Each of these projects can be found from his website,

Choirs of Aether started as a tribute to Sun Ra, but will now forge ahead as a cosmic exploration of my original music, both new and old,” explains Bow. “The time has come to celebrate humanity’s unquenched desire to explore present time expression and improvisation.”

Find links to all three shows, as well as tickets, at

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