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Bill Brink - LFTU and laur w/ Luminous Crush

This Thursday at Live from The Underground: Bill Brink, Vermont Singer-Songwriter.

"Bill Brink has been playing music for over 20 years. He enjoys playing many different styles of music using 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars as well as bass and electric guitar, banjo, harmonica, kazoo, mandolin and washboard. In addition to having an extensive collection of cover songs, he also has many of his own that he has written and produced since the early 90's and is still writing and recording today. His songs have been played across the globe."

In-house tix:

Live-stream tix:

Doors: 6:30PM, Show: 7:00PM


We also continue our Friday night summer concert series this week by welcoming the ethereal pop sounds of Brooklyn-based Vermont chanteuse Laur with southern Vermont’s award-winning purveyors of dream pop, Luminous Crush.


A singer-songwriter and electronic artist based in Brooklyn, with origins in central Vermont, Laur has played in nationally touring folk bands Monteagle (Fire Talk Records) and Swimming Bell. Sultry and ethereal, her music invites listeners into an evocative dark pop space, and she will be featuring new music from her forthcoming debut album, including her new single, Hades.

Luminous Crush

Hailing from Jamaica, VT and recently profiled in Seven Days, Luminous Crush creates music that reviewer Jordan Adams has called “bold, inventive and engaging”, and also “about the hottest s**t” around.

To learn more about Laur and listen to her music in advance of Friday night’s show, find her on social media @laurmuses, or visit Luminous Crush can also be heard at:

To purchase tickets for Friday night’s special performance, go to:

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