Live from The Underground

About the Live from The Underground Performance series:

Live from The Underground is a weekly musical performance series curated and produced by producer/musician/business owner Vincent Freeman and hosted by radio host and singer/songwriter Jamie Gage. Celebrating high quality performing and recording artists living in Vermont, LFTU was launched during the height of the COVID pandemic in mid-2020 in order to offer musical performing artists in Vermont a platform to reach their audiences and beyond on the Internet.

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For participants:

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Send us a photo, bio and stage plot with gear requirements.

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What's your address?

24 Pleasant St., Unit A.

Randolph, VT 05060

We are located in the basement behind the Wee Bird Bagel Cafe. Give us a call or text when you arrive at (802) 431-6267

How long should my/our set be?

Ideally you have 6-10 songs for the first hour set, which includes interstitial interview questions from our host, and a 40-60min second set after a 10 min. intermission.

How do are the ticket sales divided?
Should we bring our own gear?

The band/musician and venue split the door and live-stream sales 50/50.

  • We have a 5-piece Ludwig house kit with HHs, a crash and ride cymbal + stand if your drummer would prefer not to bring theirs. We encourage your drummer to bring their own snare and cymbals

  • Bass is usually run DI, but you can bring an amp or pedals if you like the tone

  • Please bring your own guitar amp(s).

  • SM58s are provided for vocals, but feel free to bring your preferred mic